Price List and Agreement

A good relationship is based on clear agreements and understandings. Nobody wants to experience adverse surprises. Below are our prices and the agreement that we make and record in writing when we hand over our wecoLab kits. However, since our main motive is that you recommend us as super cool and transparent, the content is pretty predictable. Nevertheless, whoever writes, stays.


We promise you the following prices:


WecoLab Bio and wecoLab Roof cost €2.79 per started hour plus consumables. The wecoLab Welding costs €1.99 per hour. The wecoLab E costs €1.59 per started hour plus consumables. No asterisks or fine print.


Cancellations are free if they are made within 2 hours before the start of the booking. After that nothing. But it would be nice if we didn't reserve the kits for you without you needing them. So please get in touch asap.


Here are the costs per consumable.

-wecoLab Bio-

Per coverslip: €0.50


Per slide: €1.00


Per disposable pipette: €0.50


Per pipette tip: €0.50

Per centrifuge tube 1.5ml: 0.50€

Per Q-Tip: €0.10

Per sample tube: €0.50

Per Petri dish (without agar-agar): €1.50

Per petri dish (with agar-agar): €2.50

Per pair of disposable gloves: €0.20

Of course, there are no costs for the consumables if you leave everything clean with Isoprop. Unfortunately, we cannot take back Q-Tips, disposable pipettes, pipette tips and Petri dishes with agar-agar due to the difficulty of (inside) cleaning.

Book now for €2.79 per hour

-wecoLab E-

Per capacitor: €1.50

Per diode: €0.20

Per transistor: €0.20

Per resistor: €0.10

Per LED: €0.10

10cm enameled copper wire: €0.20

10cm copper cable 0.5mm2: 0,10€ 

Per circuit board: €0.50

Cable connector for circuit board: €0.20

USB connector for circuit board: €8.00

The consumption of solder and resin is not charged separately.

Book now for €1.59 per hour

-wecoLab Roof-

We provide you with gas in the small gas bottle of the soft soldering set free of charge

per 100g Liquid plastic: €3.00

per 100g Zinc: €3.00

Per rubbish bag: €0.20

Per sheet metal screw: €0.20

Per trapeze blade: €0.60

Per jigsaw blade: €1.50

Per angle grinder disc: €3.00

Per brush (large): €2.50

Per brush (small): €1.00

Per spatula: €2.00

Per pair of work gloves: €2.50

Per pair of disposable gloves: €0.20

Book now for €2.79 per hour

-wecoLab Welding-

Per steel electrode (1.6-2.5mm): €0.30

Per steel electrode (3.2mm): €0.40

Per steel electrode (4mm): €0.50

Per stainless steel electrode (2mm): €1.00

Per stainless steel electrode (2.5mm): €1.20

Per stainless steel electrode (3.2mm): €2.00

Per cast iron electrode (2.5mm): €3.00

Per cast iron electrode (3.2mm): €4.50

Per angle grinder disc: €3.00

Aluminum is primarily welded using TIG welding and tungsten electrodes. If you still want to join aluminum by electric welding because you don't feel like argon and TIG welding (which is understandable), you have two alternatives. Either with a special aluminum electrode e-welding. Or with fine aluminum components, you could simply use a hand torch and a fine aluminum electrode. Get in touch with your request and we will show you the easiest way.

Agreement to provide a wecoLab kit

For the corresponding hourly price you will receive one of our wecoLab kits and can work and experiment with it as extensively as you want. Partial hours are also charged at the full hourly rate.

Any consumables you use that you cannot return to us because they are uncleaned or broken will be billed as stated above. You will receive the invoice by email and is due upon receipt.

In return, you promise us that you will treat the equipment we have provided with care and will not willfully damage, steal or sublet it. But also that you return the equipment in a clean/disinfected condition. Isopropanol or WD-40 is sufficient for this on board.

We have to calculate a late delivery of the equipment with 15 € plus the hourly rate. Imagine you booked the kit, but the nose in front of you just brings it back half an hour late. And not just once. In the end nobody is interested in wecoLab anymore because you never get the kit in time.

If you damage or lose the equipment, your personal liability insurance will pay for it. Therefore, before booking, send us proof of your liability insurance. Otherwise, we will also be happy to arrange private liability insurance for you.

Before booking, please send us a copy of your identity card. When handing it over, you sign what is written here and that you have received the complete wecoLab kit. We will check the content together when it is handed over.

Always bring the questions: [email protected]   






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