Before the Defender FC came on my radar - fire, fire everywhere

Aslantics bei Defend FC im roten BJJ Rushguard von BelieveWillProve

Believe.Will.Prove® was created in the course of a serious fire accident that occurred in October 2020 during my manual work and bothered me for a few weeks. Three quarters of my left lower leg was second degree burned, so walking, showering, sitting, standing and sleeping was extremely painful. I could easily have had worse burns in that accident. It was burning oil in which I slipped trying to put it out. I managed to extinguish the fire at the last second before the fire brigade would have had to extinguish the fire in an entire house.


I gave up painkillers. I did that 2 years earlier when I tore two ligaments in my shoulder during BJJ training in 2018. I want to feel what my body is telling me. In this case it was: You fucked up!


Motivation was my food #1


As a self-employed person without employees who has to earn his money with his functioning body, this was a very stressful time. For distraction, I watched the videos of Storor on YouTube and reminded me how much I had taken physical integrity for granted and now wished for nothing in return. The incredible freerunner actions of Storror and the dives of the World record holder Stig Severinsen  fueled my already very strong will to be able to work again quickly.


My belief in myself and my body shaped my will and a little later I was to prove to myself how quickly I can get back to life, although the pain kept trying to convince me otherwise.


My own compress


In the end, I even designed my own compress so that the constantly weeping leg could be properly ventilated. Sticking the bandage together with the dried wound water was very frustrating – when the bandage was changed, the huge wounds tore open again and again and the healing process started from scratch. Even the expensive silicone compresses could not avoid this sticking.


In fact, my own compress from the 3D printer caused the desired drying effect and the healing process accelerated dramatically - although the pain should continue for the next few weeks. I later derived the ventilation mesh under the arms of the Believe.Will.Prove® products from the compress. At the latest since my endlessly weeping burn wounds, I recognized the importance of ventilation on the skin. Whether wound water or sweat, the skin needs air so that it can do its job.


From Storror to Defend FC


During the time I was unable to work, I felt the urge to support freerunners. They really motivated me with their awesome videos to get out there and do my thing as soon as possible, so I wanted to give something back. Maybe through sponsorship. The sponsorship should be under a brand that stands for motivation and belief. LaGrand was already my craft shop's brand. But LaGrand was too general for me. The brand for the sponsorship should be a more explicit reminder of one's own potential.


After some thought, I asked Believe. Will. Prove on the legs. Your faith and will will prove what you can do. The pun of the three words fascinated me and I registered the trademark. My inquiries to the freerunners bore no fruit. They were either already too big, or irritated that someone came out of nowhere and offered support.


YouTube recommended me the first fights of Defend FC


Google knows us better than our partner. So YouTube suggested the first Defend FC videos to me. Back then, they only had a few thousand clicks. Without knowing who was behind it, I gave the very attractively designed videos a chance. Suddenly I couldn't believe my eyes. The guys from my former BJJ gym, where I sustained my shoulder injury, had set up their own MMA street fighting league. What a coincidence!


Of course, rumors had reached me that one of the few boys would fight each other on a soccer field, but I never thought of such a professional presentation. I was completely speechless and impressed.


I immediately wrote to the Defend FC Instagram account. who was the head Karo, our coach? No, it was Aslan Magomadov with whom I rolled shortly before my ligament tear. A strong technician with a ringer background. Brave, thoughtful, attentive. He coordinated my request with Karo. Karo confirmed my integrity, the talks could go to the next round. I realized that Aslan wasn't going to take just anyone with him on the trip. I really appreciated that attitude.


Sponsor of Defend FC : Check! – Own product: None!

However, Believe.Will.Prove® did not yet have a physical product. Motivation and belief in yourself were the only products. But with that alone, the message would quickly be forgotten. So I used Amazon Merchto quickly create a product - a standard cotton hoodie with my branding on it. After all, just a few days later the brand would be seen in the next Defend FC fight; until then, a product had to be in place. And Amazon assured that the hoodies are quality that have stood the test of time.


In fact, everything worked super fast with the hoodies and shortly afterwards, next to Aslan and Karo, the first fighters with the LaGrand® were running – Believe.Will.Prove® Hoodie through Bremen. It was a wonderful feeling that this positive energy had emerged from my fire accident, even though I was still dealing with the after-effects of the burns.


LaGrand® - Believe.Will.Prove® products at Defend FC


Firat Sabaz beim Defend FC im BJJ Rushguard von LaGrand BelieveWillProve

I knew the Amazon Hoodie would only be a transitional product. So I looked around for producers and commissioned the first rash guard. It took a while for this to meet my expectations, but the result is a uniquely comfortable, extra-long, dynamically ventilating Angel-design rashguard. The first fighter at Defend FC in the BJJ Rashguard by LaGrand® - Believe.Will.Prove was Firat Sabaz. Then the Carporeira fighter Maximilian Hoffmann.


Dennis Wohl (African Tiger) wore the new Blieve.Will.Prove® T-Shirt when he presented for his fight. Finally excelled Aslantics the fresh red short sleeve version of the BJJ Rushguard. In the next Fight wore Aslantics gray BJJ ruashguard and completed the KO of the year at Defend FC. LaGrand® – Believe.Will.Prove® and the Defend FC became synonymous.


Sponsorship alongside Defend FC


In addition to Defend FC, LaGrand® – Believe.Will.Prove® also sponsored individual boxers such as Kevin Boakye, Jonas Peters, Patricia Lager and Dariusz Lassotta and Bremen German rap newcomers like silo and Rose Ratchet. In 2021, an extensive sponsorship portfolio with a very inspiring spirit was created. However, I still had to run a craft business. Juggling everything in parallel was too much. Believe.Will.Prove® became known too quickly, but the foundation that made up a long-term successful brand was not yet in place.


So I reduced my sponsorship commitment and focused more on the blueprint of the brand. What is the long-term goal of the brand?


The catalog of questions had to be worked through and filled with action. Since the sponsorship of Defend FC, there has been a lot of movement in LaGrand® - Believe.Will.Prove®. Especially in silence, in the foundation. Anything can happen from here.


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